In the last few years, BT has been working endlessly with B2B, B2C, SMEs and startup companies to create amazing, user-friendly, and screen resolution mobile applications for their business with great intuition that aligns with their customers’ needs and desires in order to promote ultimate mobile device performance.
Our team of experts always understood the assignment and ensure to infuse the elements of great functionality, consistency, pleasing visual design, and responsive, fast and reliable mobile applications that solve user problems.
BT is considered the best app developer in Nigeria because we have developed a great habitual approach to listening attentively to how clients with the aim to deliver develop and deliver a product that takes all forms and translates beyond their idea into products that are widely used by their end users.
Our website design includes the Back-end and front-end design. Either way, we ensure to do our best to deliver and use the Angular 5+ google framework to design an interactive and attractive web application for your business. To ensure optimal functioning of the product, our team develops back-end code and APIs that help to transfer and communicate with the front end to provide a great experience to users.
Our approaches in app development are channeled towards creating synergy and efficient collaboration between all teams to deliver on:
Great UX/UI designs: Our team of great UX/UI designers will create high-quality and appealing product designs.
Develop either hybrid or native tech for android and IOs: We’ve always adopt native ir hybrid tech for android or iOs mobile applications.
Deploy to app stores (Google and apple stores): Upon completion and review of your app, we get it deployed to app stores to enhance accessibility by your customers.
Great post-development support: we are committed to providing post-application development support to our business partners in fixing bugs and new features integration.
Testing for usability, enjoyability and equitability: Ensure adequate testing with potential users,work on feedbacks, re-alighn to meet the users need and solve their problems.
User experience: Creating app with great interface that can be easily navigate by users and great experience while helping them address their problem
Cross platform: Creating an enterprise-to-customer app that can be used across different mobile platforms remain one of the successful factor considered during production.

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