Software Development refers to the process of creating, designing, programming, documenting, testing, deploying, supporting and maintaining software.
Our developmental process ensures that the products that we create meet both technical specifications, as well as user requirements.
At BrickGlobalTechnologies, our software development life cycle process ensures that the software created meets technical specifications, as well as user requirements.
Analysis and Planning:: Our team carries out an extensive research to discuss the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities of the software and in turn, determine the its viability in the market.
Design and Prototyping: Through the data collected during the research phase, our design committee designs the overall look, feel, functionally and flow of the software.
Development: With the software's proposed design and functionality, it is time for our developers to implement these parameters using the provided specifications and requirements.
Testing: As the software is being developed, the process of testing, bug fixing and verification of its performance is carried out simultaneously by our team.
Deployment: After verifying that the software is defect-free, it is ready to be delivered to the users.
Maintenance and Support: The process is never complete. The users needs and requirements are constantly evolving and we meet up for them by ensuring subsequent updates, bug fixes and providing support to their questions and difficulties.

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